• Recruiting expertise when you need it

  • Fractional Recruiting

    Besides being great at what we do, and pleasant to work with, this is why our clients love us...



    Expertise and bandwidth when you need it, but not when you don't.





    Pre-determined project fee.


    Weekly reporting (active candidates, stage conversion, hours and activities).



    From outreach and scheduling to debrief and candidate negotiation, we handle the whole pipeline.



  • What Clients are Saying

    "Hito has been a fantastic business partner for Animoto, accelerating our time to hire as well as streamlining our interview process. We've been able to hire top engineering and marketing talent with their help. They bring not only deep recruiting instincts but also a broader view of culture and retention to our Company's people services group." - VP of Finance

    "Hito is a great recruiting partner. They truly own the whole process. They can source and assess, but I also trust them to work with hiring managers to understand requirements, collaborate, and to help throughout the interview process. They don't just assess skills fit, but think about culture and team fit, and care about the candidates experience. They are a valuable addition to the team." - VP of Engineering

  • What Candidates are Saying

    “I just wanted to let you know that your email is one of the best recruiter emails I've ever received. You did your research and I appreciate the personal touch!” - Front End Engineer

    “I normally don't respond to recruiter emails, but since you actually read my profile and made a case for why my skills are relevant to you, I'm making an exception. :)” - Full Stack Engineer

    “You are probably the best recruiter I have interacted with. You made my Animoto interview process really enjoyable" - Senior PM

    “It was the nicest rejection I've ever gotten! Thank you. I have some friends that might be better fits for the role. I'll introduce you.” - Product Manager

  • Open Roles

    Some of the roles we're filling right now! Check out the postings, email us here to learn more, or apply online!

  • Roles We've Recently Filled

    Senior Product Manager

    Email Marketing Manager

    Full Stack Engineer

    Engineering Manager

    Head of Product Management

    Community Engagement

    Backend Engineer


  • Team

    Negative experiences with recruiters encouraged us to do it differently

    Matt Cholerton

    Principal. He's on It.

    Matt's led the recruiting function for several NY startups. He's an in-house recruiter turn rebel.

    Jenn Carson

    Partner. Doer of Things.

    Jenn has hired and managed teams, and knows the health space inside and out. She wants happy people doing what they love. She cuts to the chase.

  • Jessica Loughlin

    Operations Manager

    Jessica keeps the trains running. She's one step ahead and anticipates needs. /j·EH·sih·kuh/ noun: hyper organized, industrious, reliable, and amiable.

    Janessa Hunter

    Talent Acquisition / Project Lead

    Janessa is a proven HR expert, leader and coach. She uses this experience and knowledge to guide teams and candidates. Janessa fixes bottlenecks and smoothes team dynamics before they are even issues. She is a candidate champion.

    Ann Bergquist

    Senior Recruiter

    Annie is a driver! She moves things forward with grace and power. She floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Annie works with urgency without ever missing the kindness, thoroughness and patience needed to land great candidates in jobs.

    Andra Carter

    Senior Recruiter

    Andra is veracious and detail oriented. She turns all the stones. Andra is a practiced technical recruiting leader, a master of process, with a careful and compassionate eye to matching the right person to the right job.

    Omarlie Watkins


    Omarlie reads over 300 books a year! She is an avid learner and diligent organizer. Omarlie is one the most interesting and accomplished person we've met. We're lucky to have her catching all the details, keeping the balls in the air, and raising the bar.

    Maya Ganatra

    Senior Recruiter

    Maya humbly makes magic happen. We think it's with super smarts and efficiency. Perhaps it's leveraging her deep marketing and research expertise. Fun, snappy & Alliance approved.

    Matija  Tomasello


    Matija hustles. She is full of energy, willing to take on anything, and is an achiever. One of Matija's super powers is to tread into the unknown and challenging waters and emerge the victor.

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     #1 Job requirements:  Now → Non-profits tend to place a greater emphasis on candidates with experience in the non-profit sector, while tech organizations may place a higher value on technical skills and experience with specific technologies. Later → Non-profits deserve skills and experience....
    February 2, 2023
    You've done a great job to define your new product manager. You've outlined just what is missing on your team and needed to get to the next level. I've looked at hundreds of product roles, and if you are like them, you have: Great CommunicatorStrong Collaborator These are in the top 5...
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    Recruiting! Interview process, assessments, reducing bias, flexible and desirable work environments, that special something that makes a Product Manager great, candidate experience, interview-to-hire ratios, pickled vegetables, DIY projects, people who love their jobs, and podcasts.

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